(Re)Plant the Suburbs: An Arcadian Alternative to Abolition (w/maps)

Originally published on Medium, May 24, 2021

A solid sheet of sunbaked concrete stretches from Portland, Maine, to Washington, D.C., to further points in all directions. US Interstate 95’s endless offshoots — the suburbs and exurbs that make the Northeast Urban Corridor — keep the sun from reaching the soils that have, for centuries, sustained the region’s uprise of wealth and consequent intake of mass populations.

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Album Premiere: Indie Rockers Blonde Otter Mix Fun With Sadness on Self-Titled Debut

Published April 22, 2021 In Atwood Magazine

Blonde Otter deserves to be released on cassette. The pop rock collection belongs lovingly stashed beneath the passenger seat amid old copies of Pet SoundsSgt. Pepper, Weezer’s Blue Album, The Gay Parade, and all the other musical love letters to Brian Wilson that have reached their own acclaim in the past half century.

Full article: https://atwoodmagazine.com/bldo-blonde-otter-debut-album-premiere/


Published in Atwood Magazine, March 22, 2021

Coming from The Dead Deads, the phrase “deal with me” sounds like mission statement. The Nashville rockers have always followed a code of amorphousness in their quest to make music as it’s never been heard and, simultaneously, as it’s always been heard. Now on the eve of the release of their third album, the band presents a single that struts through the cracks between grunge, hip-hop, glam, metal, and jazz. Released March 5, “Deal with Me” keeps right in step with their two previous singles, “Hey Girlfriend” and “In for Blood”, showing that the band remains flush with the kind of ideas that show us that rock music is alive and ripe for innovation.

Full article: https://atwoodmagazine.com/dwmd-deal-with-me-the-dead-deads-song-review/