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Finding the narratives to lead people to lead themselves.

I keep rooting for vacant acreages to remain unsold. Humanity might have a long time to use this planet if we act accordingly.

After four years in the Air Force I focused my discipline, analytical skills, and motivation on scholarship. I had realized that what drives our military also drives our society: stories. I studied history at Eastern Connecticut State, then geography at the University of Connecticut. I have combined the two disciplines toward the goal of learning and writing environmental history, creating narratives about humans as they have interacted with their surroundings. I hope that these true stories will guide humans from years to come on how to conduct themselves as citizens of the planet. I hope they will do this as long as there is a planet.

I collect books both antique and new. I snowshoe in the winter, hike the rest of the year. I am a self taught musician, and I write about music. Among many other jobs, I have worked as an intelligence analyst, a sound engineer, and a bartender. If the world is wide, then my experience should be as well. How else could I write a compelling narrative?



I produce regular articles reviewing music. I also write StoryMaps and other works of history. Writing demands that I be an adept self-critic. It’s the only way to elevate myself to a peer group that includes experts from so many fields.

Historical Research

To obtain the information that drives my writing, I find myself studying documents that others have overlooked. And sometimes I have to read between the lines of documents that others think they have exhausted.

Geospatial Analysis

I honed my geospatial analysis skills during my four years in the Air Force, and then further during graduate school. My work with StoryMaps pushes me into corners where the only way out is a creative use of data. I like that.


My favorite instrument is the bass. I cannot think that a single other activity in my life has taught me so much about working with others to create something greater than the sum of its parts.


GIS Intern

The Last Green Valley Association, 02/2021-present

Provided expertise for all GIS needs towards the goal of preserving Connecticut’s Last Green Valley National Heritage Corridor.

Graduate Student


Expanded expertise in geospatial analysis, geographic information systems, and ArcGIS software.

Contributing Writer

Atwood Magazine, 10/2021-present

Produced original, artistic articles on independent music and musicians, monthly.

Geospatial Analyst

U.S. Air Force, 08/2013-08/2017

Provided analytical expertise toward the goal of national defense. Positions held: FMV analyst, hyper-spectral analyst, Release Control Officer.