Published June 16, 2021 in Atwood Magazine.

It started as an aimless chant, drain the swamp, and ended with the swamp boiling over.

Unable to look away, Charles On TV broke out his synthesizer and composed the scratch track for “Golden Alligator.” The single and its music video (released May 13 and 14, respectively) bristle with intrigue while grooving along to sounds from the sixties. Charles sings with a voice that is vintage-smooth. He enlivens the song’s retro sonic palette with splashes of modern production. Deep lyrical metaphors soften the song’s political bite, seducing listeners into the uncomfortable gape between truth and lies.

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Album Premiere: Indie Rockers Blonde Otter Mix Fun With Sadness on Self-Titled Debut

Published April 22, 2021 In Atwood Magazine

Blonde Otter deserves to be released on cassette. The pop rock collection belongs lovingly stashed beneath the passenger seat amid old copies of Pet SoundsSgt. Pepper, Weezer’s Blue Album, The Gay Parade, and all the other musical love letters to Brian Wilson that have reached their own acclaim in the past half century.

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Video Premiere: Greta Isaac Turns Likability on its Head with Self-directed “Like Me”

Published in Atwood Magazine March 2, 2021

Greta Isaac wants someone to like her. Whether that someone has yet to come around in the week since the release of Isaac’s newest single, “Like Me,” we at Atwood Magazine have yet to hear. But we sure like Isaac and are proud to be premiering the “Like Me” video.

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Julien Baker Haunts the Pop World With New Single “Favor”

Published in Atwood Magazine, February 14, 2021

The songs of Julien Baker can grip you without a hook. The singer/songwriter debuted to critical acclaim from the indie crowd with 2015’s Sprained Ankle, upped the ante with 2017’s Turn Out the Lights, and in 2020 her single “Faith Healer” charted on Billboard’s Adult Alternative Airplay and netted her a spot on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert. “Favor,” the third and latest single to preempt her upcoming third album, Little Oblivions, further attests to her deep, evolving artistry.

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