The Farm City Vision: A Long-Range Social Ecological Plan for the Town of Putnam, CT (On the Falls’ Premises Part 3; w/ maps)

I wrote “The Farm City Vision” as the third part of the final practicum project toward my master’s degree. This portion evaluates Putnam’s current Plan of Conservation and Development through a social ecological lens. It ends in a piece of speculative fiction that protracts the town’s history (see: Parts 1 & 2) to the year 2055, when perhaps the town will find itself firmly on the path to sustainability. The narrative accompanies original cultural landscape maps drawn by yours truly (ArcGIS Pro), including a 2055 speculative town layout. I am proud of my work, but I post the project here as a draft with the caveat that it deserved more research, a more intensive review process, and at least two more revisions.

Premiere: Town Meeting Crack American Duality With Empathy on “The Imitator”

Published in Atwood Magazine, March 9, 2021

Despite the tumult, Town Meeting have fought to give their fans a good year. Since June 2020, after the release of their album Make Things Better, they have released the first of two B-sides EPs, booked as many shows as could be played safely, co-hosted a Neil Young themed podcast with Boston mainstream radio personality Mike Hsu, and between the members’ various side projects, recorded and released at least two dozen songs. Although people could use a good new song at just about any time, Town Meeting’s new single, “The Imitator,” arrives in time for some new anniversaries that will have us reflecting on the past year. True to the band’s custom, “The Imitator” is a fun track that might guide you in through those necessary, tough reflections.

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