The Farm City Vision: A Long-Range Social Ecological Plan for the Town of Putnam, CT (On the Falls’ Premises Part 3; w/ maps)

I wrote “The Farm City Vision” as the third part of the final practicum project toward my master’s degree. This portion evaluates Putnam’s current Plan of Conservation and Development through a social ecological lens. It ends in a piece of speculative fiction that protracts the town’s history (see: Parts 1 & 2) to the year 2055, when perhaps the town will find itself firmly on the path to sustainability. The narrative accompanies original cultural landscape maps drawn by yours truly (ArcGIS Pro), including a 2055 speculative town layout. I am proud of my work, but I post the project here as a draft with the caveat that it deserved more research, a more intensive review process, and at least two more revisions.

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